Sringeri Halwa | Soft & Simple | Traditional Halva
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Cornflour: ½ cup
Sugar; ¾ cup
Milk: 1 cup
Cardamom powder
This is only a Summary. Please watch video for details.

1. Boil water 1cup in a wok
2. Add Sugar; ¾ cup
3. Add Milk: 1 cup
4. Add Cardamom powder to taste
5. Add Cornflour: ½ cup
6. Mix well
7. Heat in medium flame, Keep stirring
8. Turn to low flame when it starts thickening
9. Reduce to a moving consistency
10. Transfer to a tray greased or with butter paper
11. Level the surface. Make it smooth
12. Let it cool down completely
13. Take out. Cut in to pieces
14. Its ready